Pamela Harris

Stay in Your Lane August 25, 2013

I just finished this freelance gig and am bone tired. I used to crew on low budget features which meant 5 a.m. call times and 6 day work weeks and I loved it, working without a break for months if necessary. This job had a mind numbing quality, a repetitive sameness with no end in sight where you come in every day and do the same thing with little variation. When I couldn't sit there for another second I'd do book runs , but I'd also cruise around and take the temperature of the place. I was working for a large white collar corporation and it takes a ton of cogs to keep it moving. In this environment the jobs are very defined if your not the bosses bosses boss and the 'stay in your lane' mentality as a friend perfectly put it is paramount to thriving here.

What I liked about the job is it got me out of my life for just long enough to see what I'm doing with fresh objectivity. I also got to learn new business practices and apply them to what I do. Stepping away from my routine lets me see and burn out any dead wood I might be sitting on. Plus, given it was a publishing house, I got to rebuild part of my library and meet interesting people. This job made me very grateful for what I do and I can't wait to dive back into my routine tomorrow with Joe, with the dog and with my work.


I totally understand the loving and objectiveness of our routines/lives. And the fantastic realization of what we will not want our lives to be like.

Eve | August 26, 2013 at 11:59 am

A monotonous diversion can sometimes be a wonderful thing, It sharpens your perception, and accentuates the beauty of your "normal" routine, which sometime appears stale, but isn't. It's the person who becomes stale, and blames it on the routine. The trick is to recognize how boring the monotonous diversion really is, and to terminate it at all costs as quickly as possible.

Paul Murphy | August 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

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