Pamela Harris

The Ball Dog January 24, 2016

We weren't sure what to expect with Ginger and the snow. She loved it last year, but last year she was a tyke, a tiny thing, so we did a lot of carrying and quick plays.

Yesterday we went out at 6:00 am for a family walk (it was my birthday, and on birthdays and holidays we always do family walks) and she was crazed. The deeper the snow, the deeper she plunged into it. She loves snowdrifts and likes to walk wherever it isn't plowed. We came home and she whined for an hour, needing to go back out. Having to go back out.

Today we spent an hour at a basketball court around the corner. It was her second walk - after the first she came home long enough to warm up, eat, nap and get a cookie. Right now she's behind me snoring, though she'll wake up any minute because the meatballs Joe are cooking are just about done. With the blizzard, my birthday continued into today and a perfect dinner is coming right up.


A belated Happy Birthday, although I did wish you a Happy Birthday on FB, which I doubt you open. I've sort of cooled off myself. It's merely another addiction, and we have to ask ourselves what it is that we are avoiding by wasting such precious time on FB. Hopefully, I don't have a relapse.
Gonger is a cutie. I too walk my Golden Retriever, Cody, early every day, and it is such a fun time for both of us. One minor different: I get to watch him jumping and rolling and playing in the lush green grass that covers our little tropical island. Alas...
No Snow. Is this good or bad??

Paul Murphy | January 30, 2016 at 02:34 pm

I love that first picture of Ginger. She looks like a cross between "Scuby Doo" and "Wonder Dog" with the biggest smile on her face... like she's never been happier! Glad it was such a nice birthday for you! xo Beth

Beth Rooks | January 24, 2016 at 08:53 pm

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