Pamela Harris

The New Year December 31, 2015

What to bring into the new year with me and what to leave behind:

In: Lately I've been fearing that I eat like a pig. I eat out a bit with friends, but mostly I'm home or out with Joe. The last month I've been having an exceptionally good time with food and there have been instances with Joe where I don't think twice about picking something out of my tooth, or grabbing the hunk of whatever fell off my fork and onto the table back up with my fingers and shoving it into my mouth. I'm talking the whole time, btw, not missing a beat. I haven't wiped something off my shirt and plopped it in my mouth, nor have I eaten anything that fell on the floor. These might simply be 'yet's.' HP, let me be a little more elegant while dining.

Out: Broken sleep. Ginger, we love you madly. I could list a million ways we love you here, but I'm too tired to make sense of them. No more wanting to go out at 3:00 or 4:00 to play. Sleep until 6:00. Give me a solid eight hours. I'll gladly take seven. Six, unbroken. I look like I'm eighty these days from lack of sleep.

In: Pretty much what my life already is. This year I moved into a new place with accepting what is and not getting too hung up on what isn't. I have my moments still, mostly with work, but they don't last long. This year I really got to see that I persevere, no matter what.

The happiest New Year to everyone I know. xoxo


Belated Happy New Year.
Good for you. In with Good Food, EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY MORSEL. Don't let the smallest of crumbs go to waste.
Out with bad sleep. Secret, which I'm sure you already know. I average 6-6.5 hours per night; BUT, I try to take no more than a 15 to 20 minute MAX Nap in the late afternoon, and it's amazing how much it recharges your energy. Try it, and see if it works for you. No more than 20 min. Avoid REM sleep.
In: engaging your extraordinary talent for another year.
That alone takes an amazing amount of strength, of which you have an abundance. Have a wonderful year ! And forgive my recent lack of correspondence. Been working hard myself.

Paul Murphy | January 24, 2016 at 02:26 pm

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