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Ahhhhhhh December 26, 2015

The happiest holiday to all. It's been a while since I've posted and for a few days now I've been planning to, but goofing off has gotten in the way. I had to mutter and putter this way, then pat the Ginger that way. Then roam to the fridge and take a bite of everything in it, then get on the couch and ponder what to watch. In short it's been a perfect couple of days.

What's been going on is, I wrote a play. Last Saturday I did a closed read-through with an amazing cast and it was illuminating to hear the words and see kernels of what works and what might not. The reading was a chance for all of us to share the words on the page - it wasn't about performance - but it was a pro cast and they came prepared. This week and next I'm percolating, seeing what comes up.

Putting a reading together is a bit of work. I also directed it, which meant casting it, then meeting individually with each actor. I also got the physical space to hold the reading in and dealt with the numerous details that come up. for anyone considering doing the same, it's worth it. I can't yet see the changes I'll make to the play, but I can feel them. The play is almost ready.

There was also a lot of art business to deal with, most of it good. Most of it: I was on a really nice roll, then a dealer vanished with a painting. The dealer was someone I had never worked with, but she had been around for over twenty years and had a great reputation. It was a private show curated for a corporation, and when it was supposed to come down the dealer suddenly refused to return emails. I called her and she panicked when she heard my voice, then pretty much hung up. We had contracts - this wasn't the usual handshake deal - and after two months of trying to deal with her I reached out to the other artists in the show. They also weren't getting emails or calls returned, so together we wrote, then called the dealer. After another week of silence I'd had enough and called the dealer's client who had sponsored the show. That worked. The painting came back within the week.

Every part of life has been busy and this week and next is delightfully quiet. Purposefully quiet - I'm spur of the moment and not making plans. Anything good to watch that I may have missed?

Anything good to eat that I may have missed eating? I doubt it.

If I don't get off the couch between now and January 1st, the happiest New Year to everyone. I so appreciate all your comments and emails and love hearing your thoughts. May 2016 be golden.

(For those of you who don't live locally, that's a trash can on a subway platform.)


WOW !!! Is that really a Donald Trump Ballot Box !!! I was hoping I'd never see one, but lo and behold, one pops up on your site.
Can't say much more about that.
How are you Pamela? This is your long lost friend in Miami, the proud Owner of two of your works of Art, neither of which have been hung yet. Why? Let's chalk it up to good ole laziness as a start, but the fact of the matter is, similar to yourself, I have been inundated with work. In my business, we often throw multiple deals in the air, like apples, and see which ones are effected by gravity, and fall to earth. It's not often that ALL of the apples fall to earth at the same time, but they have, so I am trying my best to dig myself out from under a pile of apples. Just now seeing the light.
Fascinated by your play. I would love to read. If you want feedback from a Redneck, Cowboy Builder who has a degree in Philosophy and Literature, please send it to me. Either way, I wish you the best of all possible success. I instinctively know it will be First Class, because everything you do is First Class.
Sorry to hear about your missing painting. Happy you finally got it back. Who needs headaches like that?? Ciao

Paul Murphy | January 24, 2016 at 02:15 pm

May 2016 continue your fabulous 2015! Congratulations on all of your recent successes. Love you! - Beth

Beth Rooks | December 26, 2015 at 09:40 pm

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